DIY Dip Dyed Paper Pom Poms by Jeanil Wedding & Events, Design

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I’m super excited to announce a weekly DIY project for you all! Megan Owner of Jeanil Wedding & Events will take everyday objects and craft materials and turn them into wedding awesomeness!
Every evening Megan will share one of her DIY tutorials and links for you to hop on over every evening to see more DIY tutorials and creative ideas.
Tonight Megan is sharing one of their fantastic ‘Fabric Dye’ tutorials.
So without further adieu, may I present…
{Drum roll please}
Dip Dyed Paper Pom Poms
A pretty, delicate, and colorful twist on the paper pom poms that are so popular right now!
Here’s the tutorial:
We wanted to use fabric dye on something other than fabric. In our experimenting, we realized that plain white tissue paper takes dye very well and looks great when shaped into a traditional pom pom. I love that the edges feather from dark on the outside to white on the inside.
We spread a few sheets of tissue out with pant/skirt hangers and submerged them into our dye bath. We kept them on the hangers until fully dry and carefully peeled them apart to make the poms.
{And here’s a basic paper pom pom tutorial in case you’re a total DIY novice like me.}
Want to see what else they made using fabric dye? Of course you do!
dip dyed bath robe ~ perfect for those ‘getting ready photos’ or as a bridesmaid’s gift and gorgeous ombre-dyed napkins!
Thanks for stopping by Jeanil Wedding & Events Design ~ see you tomorrow evening for more DIY wedding awesomeness!

Top 10 Chic & Unique DIY Washi Tape Wedding Ideas

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This week Jeanil Designs have been getting crafty with Japanese washi tape and it got me going nuts with ideas…Who knew masking tape could be so versatile?!

image via pink suede shoes
From perfectly wrapped gifts to creative wedding crafts, all you have to do is choose what color / pattern you’d like and away you go!
Where to buy oh so pretty washi tape:
Top 10 Washi Tape Wedding DIY Ideas
Here are a few of my favorite wedding related washi tape crafts from around the blogosphere:
1. Washi tape flag garland and seating flags via Project Wedding
image via Jeanil Wedding & Events

2. Washi tape decorated vases via A Creative Mint
image via Jeanil Wedding & Events

3. Washi tape invitations via Mer Mag
image via Jeanil Wedding & Events

4. Washi tape clothespins via Whisker Graphics ~ perfect used alongside this amazing clothespin boutonniere DIY tutorial from Jeanil Wedding & Events!

image via Jeanil Wedding & Events
5 – 8. Martha Stewart is a washi tape goddess! Check out her votive decor, interactive guest book, favor boxes and drink flags (along with a whole host of other bright and summery DIY ideas).

image via Jeanil Wedding & Events
image via Jeanil Wedding & Events

10. I’ve saved the most unique till last…
Today Jeanil Design are sharing their fantastic DIY washi tape favor boxes ~ they’re easy as pie to make, just how I like my DIYs.
DIY Washi Tape Favor by Jeanil Design 

image via anna lee co.
We created handles on guest favor boxes. These cute boxes came from Paper Source but any small box would work for these. To make the handle, tear a piece of tape, making it about 3 inches longer than you want the actual handle to be. Tear a second piece of tape, making it shorter than the first (closer to the actual desired length of the handle) and center on the first piece of tape. You will now have a strip with about an inch and a half of exposed sticky tape on either end. Cut these ends on the diagonal and attach to your favor box.
These would look so great on hooks or hanging from trees for your guests to take.
I think they’d also make wonderful confetti cone holders hung over the backs of chairs too.
“Dream it, Want it, Have it ~ I’ll plan it!”
Jeanil Wedding & Events is making ideas a reality everyday!
Megan Marder CWP CEP
Jeanil Wedding & Events