15 fun little facts about Megan, Owner of Jeanil Wedding & Event Designs

  1. Fan of all music genres. You’ll find Hip Hop stations programmed in my car but I love classical.
  2. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  3. I always have to be doing something and I become bored easily…some people may refer this to adult attention deficit disorder but I’ve never been diagnosed.
  4. I dislike getting “ready” It takes me 30-40 minutes to do so..shower, hair, & makeup and a few stops in between for coffee and check my email…then I’m out the door. If I have to be somewhere at 7, bet a 100 bucks I’ll be there at 6:30.
  5. I need adventure and excitement in life.  But can also lay on the beach all day  with a good book or people watch the day away.  Spontaneous travel is my ideal way of life. We’ll see if I get to that point some day.
  6. I have a sweet tooth. A bite of something sweet is a must have after every meal.  Which leads to #8…
  7. My ideal breakfast is a cupcake & coffee. Period. I’ll pass on the eggs & bacon.
  8. Before I head out for the day I stop at Starbuck’s for a large caramel iced  coffee in the summer…hot in the cold months. You know you go somewhere too much when they see you walk in and your order is ready by the time you get to the counter.
  9. I’m a huge cat lover. I swear if I had the chance I’d be that “creepy cat lady”…due to me taking home every stray I would find.
  10. I’d be lost without spell check…greatest thing on earth.
  11. I’m an early bird 5:00am calls my name every morning.
  12. My goal is to become a “Martha Stewart” type of housewife.  Practice makes perfect.
  13. My guilty pleasure…Bridezilla’s, Four Weddings, and any of The Real Housewives.
  14. Carpe Diem.  That’s what I try to live by even though in the wedding world I know where and what I’ll be doing 12 months from now.
  15. I’m a Aries…that should pretty much sums it all up.